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Who was King Enzo?

He was King of Sardinia (the son of Ghibelline emperor Federico II). He was imprisoned for about 30 years in Bologna (1249) in the former town hall, now that palace is known as Palazzo Re Enzo (King Enzo Palace). It is the palace depicted in the logo behind the Gianbologna's statue of Neptune.
.Picture of Palazzo Re Enzo

Who is  King Enzo?

It is a joke. My name is Renzo. I have always been the manager and designer of the systems and network at cs.unibo, Computer Science at Bologna University. Some senior students, working with me in several projects one day named me
Re Enzo instead of Renzo, like I were the King of systems and networks. I followed that joke and I started to use the nickname "reenzo" on irc. I started also to send e-mail messages where my decisions were named Edicts.
Seriously I am a Professor of Computer Science. I teach Operating Systems and I love to do that. I am also an hacker, I like to hack both software and hardware.
I believe in Free Software as the only key for the real knowledge of computer science as I believe in freedom as the only key to broadcast real knowledge.
In the same way I believe also in Free Hardware. The knowledge of how to build your own circuit, controller, computer must be free.

Why this is is an Ark?

Do you remeber Noah's Ark? Software world is going to be flooded by the water of the proprietary software, their patents and their layers.
This is my Ark to save my programs and let them reproduce in the new world. I suggest everybody to build his/her own one. It is a matter of ecology: preserve diversity.

Are programs free?

Completely, absolutely. Free as in freedom (not as a beer). All provided with GNU-compliant licenses.

Is your hardware free?

The hardware itself is not (it is made of atoms ;-), the hardware design instead is completely, absolutely free. Take it, study it, build it, sell it if you like. It is your responsability to verify the correctness, safety and any other problem. I give no warranties. The schematics, descriptions etc, has been released under CC attribution sharelike license. I will not patent any new idea provided in the projects. All the schematics have been registered as "prior art" to avoid someone else to patent my ideas.

So what can I do with these programs/schematics?

KEAP them, study, use, rewrite, distribute them, create solutions on them, sell products based on them. But remember they must be KEAPt wild free, you cannot KEAP them in captivity of proprietary licenses and patent.